Monastic and handicraft products

High quality monastic products for sale online

Monastery of Germagno has handicraft and monastic products present in our e-commerce.

Honey, jams, marmalades and creams, spirits are just some of the typical products that you will find in our online shop.

What makes our products special?
The fact of being produced and packaged in the Monastery of Germagno according to ancient traditions and recipes of the monks.

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The job

High quality monastic products for sale online

Work is an essential element of the monk's spiritual life.
It not only has the purpose of financially supporting the community, but it is an instrument of human and spiritual growth.

The adage "ora et labora", which traditionally outlines the life of the monks, closely associates it with prayer as it can be experienced as a place of communion with God and participation in his creative work.
An atmosphere of silence and immersion in nature favor this recollection.

The works of the community ordinarily take place within the monastery and are organized around some productive branches which allow for relative ease of execution.

The most important sector is the agricultural one, which includes, in addition to looking after the garden and the woods to make them welcoming and pleasant, the recovery of ancient terraces, their reclamation and the cultivation of undergrowth fruits and fruit.

Given the location of the Monastery at 730 meters above sea level and the characteristics of the land, blueberries, blackberries, black currants, white currants, red currants, but also apples, pears, plums, peaches, quinces, medlars, rhubarb, etc. are grown.

A laboratory engages some brothers in the transformation of this fruit into jam, which is placed on the market to give sustenance to the community.

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Jams, creams, sauces and broth preparations

High quality monastic products for sale online

Produced from seasonal fruit, mostly grown in the fields of our monastery and partly purchased from trusted suppliers, our jams and marmalades truly offer a wide range of possible choices.
With an assortment of 40 products, there really is something for all tastes: from the more classic ones, to the more unusual combinations, with new and unexpected flavors, to those to be rediscovered, which recall a now forgotten past. By carefully checking the quality of the starting fruit, not using pectin and limiting the addition of sugar to the minimum necessary to reach the legal threshold, we are sure of the high quality of our products; real fruit concentrates, as indicated by the high values shown on the label.
Excellent and genuine preparations that preserve all the flavor of the starting raw material.

Among the products of the "sweet line" there are then the creams, a series of products designed for the sweet tooth, with genuine ingredients rich in flavour: milk, butter, cocoa, hazelnuts, walnuts, chestnuts. Real pastry products, quality recipes, in which we have not skimped on the percentage of ingredients, even the most expensive ones. Particularly appreciated by children, our creams also fully satisfy the palate of adults: delicious alone, to spread on bread, they are also able to make many sweet recipes special.
Furthermore, our monastery not only produces sweet products, but also a "line of flavours": sauces and preparations for broth produced with natural and selected ingredients, designed to flavor many recipes. In particular, our broth preparations are a high-quality alternative to common stock cubes.
They are real concentrates of meat, vegetables and aromatic herbs, they do not contain glutamate, yeast extract or other flavor enhancers. The iodized salt content is the minimum required to ensure the shelf life of the product.

Jams and creams good only for bread and rusks?
Enter our online shop virtually and discover all the potential of our products in the kitchen.

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High quality monastic products for sale online

The pristine environment of Vallestrona is the ideal context where the monks carry out their beekeeping activities. The honeys produced are those of the essences prevalent in these woods: acacia, linden, linden-chestnut, chestnut and millefiori.
This activity is closely linked to the seasonal trend so that production varies greatly from year to year, but the quality is high because the bees forage in woods far from sources of pollution.

The hives are managed using only phytosanitary products whose principles are found in nature, such as thymol, acetic acid, oxalic acid, in order to ensure the absence of any chemical residue in the honey. So a small production but of quality.

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High quality monastic products for sale online

A production of distillates has recently begun which enriches the range of products. After a few years of study we started the production of cask-aged apple brandy: a very refined distillate that combines the softness and aroma of fruit distillates with the body and complexity of grappas aged in cask.

For those who love simpler and fresher flavours, there is young apple brandy. It maintains the aromas of the apple and can best be enjoyed on ice cream or cold.
When the productions of our orchards allow us, we will start other fruit spirits. Then there is a line of flavored grappas for those who love more classic flavours.

Old recipes and new experiments make it possible to offer particular products in terms of taste and authenticity.

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Monastery Saints Peter and Paul of Germagno philosophy and map

Discover a world made of quality and passion!

The community is currently made up of nine brother monks joined by seven "brothers and sisters in the world". Near the monastery also lives a sister who tries to make her the monastic spirit of the community.

Despite the differences that an original vocation imposes, we all try to bear witness to a single "community", passionate about the good of each of its members, which finds itself committed to living according to the prospects of that good zeal which Benedict describes in chapter 72 of the his Rule.